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Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom Review: the Perfect Movie

I just walked in from seeing Moonrise Kingdom and as much as I’d promised myself I wouldn’t ruin Memorial Day with blogging I have this insatiable need to share great things with you. With everyone.

Moonrise Kingdom was absolutely perfect in every way. Even Bruce Willis (who Mr. G thought was miscast) didn’t bother me. He was clearly the weak link but he wasn’t Bruce Willisy… if that makes sense at all. Bill Murray and Wes Anderson clearly make magic together. I hope that never ends.

Every scene, every prop and every movement moved the story forward.

The two young actors Kara Haywood and Jared Gilman are extraordinary. I keep checking their IMDB pages assuming that they must have actors for parents.

Don’t miss this movie. It’s sort of a fable of young love and family all mixed into one. There’s floods and escapes, new marriages and failed ones. There’s inclusion and exclusion and it’s all done Wes Anderson style which means that I was unable to look away even for a second because everything was beautiful and everything felt like I was in the 1970’s and somehow it made me feel like I wanted to be there.

I think Wes Anderson must have fallen in love with every character in this movie because I felt like I was watching someone show me why I too should love these characters.