My Mom Was Born Without Gaydar

As a New York City teenager in the 50’s my mother spent her time in the Village smoking¬†Gauloises and otherwise being fabulous with her girlfriends. I know about some of her favorite haunts because she brought me to them endlessly and repeatedly since before I could even remember. There was Chumleys, DiRoberti’s, El Faro and … Read more

Five Great Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom Bloggers

Everyone knows that my husband doesn’t love me enough to get me any of the three things I want most for mothers day. A butler A Bentley Chickens (not in my freezer either) So I’ll have to suffer through with the small luxuries I’ve become content with. Here are a few items every Mom Blogger … Read more

You’re a Great Mom

One of the secrets of Motherhood is that women share knowledge. I imagine it’s part of our roots as the gatherers of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Women share a bit, mothers share a lot. You won’t find a community quite like the community of mothers anywhere else on earth. When we’re pregnant we’re drawn to each … Read more

An Open Letter to my Husband in Anticipation of Mother’s Day

Dear Mr. G., I don’t want much for Mother’s Day. I¬†absolutely¬†positively do not under any circumstances want to find myself in a restaurant with proper linens. Maybe instead of taking them to a tennis lesson the four of us could just hit some balls? Maybe we’ll just sleep in a little? I’d really like a … Read more