South Dakota Moves to Decriminalize Murder

I am speechless enraged sad for America. Please read the text and if you live in South Dakota please for the love of all things holy, take action. Dr. George Tiller was recently murdered and legislation like this puts physicians everywhere at risk. State of South Dakota EIGHTY-SIXTH SESSION LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, 2011 463S0397 HOUSE JUDICIARY … Read more

Friday Confession: Not Today

Today I’m not confessing, today I’m letting y’all know that the comments surrounding the Execution of Dr. George Tiller are alternately horrifying and fascinating. When you comment here your IP address and email are recorded. Those of you who commented saying that Dr. George Tiller is a murderer and deserved to die? Well, I’ve taken … Read more

Dr. George Tiller, Operation Rescue, Late Term Abortion Procedure doctor murdered in Church

They killed him in Church. Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church on a Sunday. I’m a Jewish woman from Los Angeles raised by left wing hippie idealists, weaned on a steady diet of Ms. Magazine, peace rallies and communist ideals. And with my background, I ache for the people who went to church … Read more