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Nate n Als

Don’t Go To Nate ‘n Al’s at Lunchtime

Recently I dropped kids off for lunch at Nate ‘n Al’s. These are kids who eat at restaurants regularly. They’re polite, they know how to order, they know how to tip. Unfortunately, their age prevented them from getting service at Nate ‘n Al’s in Beverly Hills.

I almost joined Yelp just to be able to review them but then I remembered I don’t care.

Every few years I forget just how awful the food and service is at Nate ‘n Al’s and I’ll find myself there for lunch, or even worse for dinner. Even with 40 years of experiencing their dreadful service nothing could prepare me for how awful things were for the kids. Here is the one star review I left on Facebook:

 I sent three girls there for lunch because I was short on time. Unfortunately after 45 minutes they still didn’t have food, then of course I asked for a manager. At 1pm there was no manager on site. They asked if I wanted to wait for him. I declined as I felt like an hour of waiting was enough. Everyone was nasty. The food has always been mediocre and it’s not cheap.

I’ve been coming to Nate n Al’s since I was a kid and will never be back.

Something has happened there and it’s not good.

Then I promptly forgot about it because, let’s face it, Nate ‘n Al’s isn’t going to get lots of space in my memory.

So when I logged into Facebook a few moments ago and saw an alert for my review I about fell over laughing.

nate n als don't eat lunch

Yes, a server at a deli just told me to not come for lunch.

You’ve been warned. Larry King loves the place but I don’t think he’s had a tastebud activated since the Vietnam War.