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National Potato Council

The National Potato Council Wants Kids to be Fat and Assumes that Moms are Stupid

This morning I got an email that reads:

Dear Mommy Blogger:

I am a mother of two small children (and for full disclosure work for our nation’s potato farmers, so I am slightly biased but would feel the same even if I didn’t work for them) and wanted to make sure you were aware that the US Department of Agriculture is about to make a HUGE mistake by severely limiting servings of potatoes in schools.  As an influential blogger, I am asking you to help spread the word.  We need moms to weigh in before potatoes are removed from schools!

At a time when all Americans, especially kids, are not eating enough vegetables, we should be encouraging more choices, not less. Potatoes are nutrient-dense and provide kids the potassium, fiber and vitamin C they need.  In fact, removal of the number one source of potassium—potatoes—in their diet may put children in danger of key nutrient deficiency.

To find out more you can go to .  We need moms to tell USDA to keep potatoes in schools.  Comments to the USDA are due to by 5:00pm EST April 13 so there’s not a lot of time to waste.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word.

Hollee Alexander
Mom to Rylee, age 3, and Finley Mae, 10 months (both avid potato eaters!)
[email protected]


I’m not willing to address the fact that potatoes are not a particularly good for you food, but I would like to show you something VERY interesting.

When I clicked on the header to see where the email originated from I saw this. Full disclosure isn’t a sentence in parenthesis, full disclosure is sending the email with your work address at the National Potato Council, in the office you were sitting in when you sent the email?

This is how the potato council thinks they can get the word out


Unfotunately the National Potato Council has their own server

When I search for that IP address I found this

The National Potato Council Thinks Moms Are Stupid