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I Never Lock My Car Door

Mr. G locks the Jaguar every single time he gets out of it and it makes me crazy. If I leave something in his car I have to hunt down a car key, unlock the car, grab my crap and then lock the car again. If I leave something in my car I walk outside, grab it and I’m done. I also leave my car unlocked for a more practical reason. If someone wants to steal something at least they won’t break the window.

Well, the other night Alexander went out to my car to grab his tennis racquet and locked it.

The other morning I woke up to this.

It’s a little tough to see but it looks like they went after the window with a crowbar. The kicker is that when I went to look in my car all the doors were still locked. The only things worth stealing were Pokemon cards.

I’m in an interesting situation though. I just switched my car to Nationwide and Mr. G’s car is still insured with Geico. It’s a long and boring story but we now have Nationwide for homeowner’s insurance and I still need to move his car to the policy to get all the discounts but I’ve dragged my feet a little because when we’ve had losses (and we had a brand new 5 series BMW totaled) with Geico they were extremely good to us. So I guess this will act a test of sorts to see if we want to bring all our policies over to Nationwide.

Insurance is tricky, you want to pay less but you don’t want to get paid less. Here’s hoping it works out okay.