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PR Cannot Be A Substitite for PRoduct

Nestle is hiring a PR firm to “restore its reputation amid sustained criticism on the internet.”

Really? This is a suckers bet. A agency can’t help Nestle. The only people who can help Nestle are it’s very own executives.

If NestleĀ  didn’t discourage breastfeeding and made some changes to their product line, all their bad buzz would go away. Instead they’re aiming to hire someone to sit behind the Green Curtain and try to trick people into thinking that some sort of systemic change has happened at Nestle.

I think we all know this won’t be the case.

When Nestle “reached out” to mommy bloggers and paid for a first class trip, expensive dinners and gawd knows what else, they didn’t reach out to anyone like me. Why? Because they know that moms like me don’t feed their children high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated anything and that (even though many of us used formula) breast is best.

I think it’ll be a lot of fun watching Nestle flounder, but it’s really sad that the big takeaway is to hire a publicist instead of to improve their product.

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