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OnStar FMV

OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle) Giveaway with Six Months of Service Included

Recently the folks at OnStar dropped off a car for me to drive that’s equipped with OnStar FMV. Since it’s Los Angeles traffic was hideous, the car was late and I wasn’t able to have a conference call with the folks from OnStar so that they could show me how to use it.

As a testament to how practical the service is that phone call was unnecessary. I drove Jane all over the southland and we just hit the onstar button to get directions. It took about 20 seconds to hook up my iphone with the bluetooth and it was a very reliable and clear connection.

OnStar used to be available only in select automobiles but this is an aftermarket part that’s $99.99 through June 16. Just in time for Father’s Day.

I really liked it and I have one for one of you. Good luck!

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