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Oprah Winfrey

Leaving New York

This is my second city with Oprah’s Lifeclass and it’s at an incredible pace. I just landed here a few hours ago and I’m packing up already. I’ve tried a new hotel and it’s one I might return to. Considering how high maintenance I am that’s something worth noting.

Yesterday I interviewed Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and Perez Hilton. If you enjoy long and rambly interviews here are two of them. When I get home I’ll edit them down and find the funny-quirky-interesting-monumental moments and post them as shorter tapes.

I want to talk at length about the network and how it has altruism at it’s base. I think America is ready for a TV Network that’s mission statement includes only “Positive programming”.

Before hitting on those topics though I need to go down to Delancey Street for Bialys with a man who has known me since I was born and who took me to Alphabet City art galleries in the mid-80’s when I’m pretty sure stabbings were de rigeur.

Next week I won’t be with Oprah. I will give you three hints about what I’m up to next week:

Arctic Circle