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Bring it On and American Sniper

I’m living on bread and butter and whatever else is making it’s way into the sandwiches. Mostly ham, always with at least one cheese. I might be gaining weight but it’s happy weight so it’s good. I think.

Alexander arrived in Paris just a few hours ago so we settled him in and went for a walk along the St. Martin Canal. We found baguettes and wine from Bordeaux along with Coca Cola for Alexander. My leg is healing nicely but I’m still walking a bit slower than usual which is oddly a good thing. Without a little ache in my calf I’d never have wanted to be still while the water rose and fell simultaneously in the channel. I’m also unplugged, using just a little bit of wifi in the evenings and always with someone else. The computer is actually social this week, that’s also different in a very good way.

As William and Alexander strolled in front of me they talked about entertainment. Alexander saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime in London and said it was the most amazing play he’d ever seen, that he’d see it eight more times if that would be possible and then they talked about movies.

Alexander was talking about PSTD and American Sniper and all the difficult actions a sniper needs to take and I sort of spaced out and noticed all the people sitting by the side of the canal enjoying the later afternoon sun when I overheard, “Have you seen Bring It On? American Sniper is a lot like that. Everyone has to make really difficult decisions that have big implications….”

I haven’t seen either movie but they totally seem like the same theme to me.