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Paul Frank

Breastfeeding In Public: Paul Frank and Twitter

According to, someone from the hip and trendy Paul Frank Store right here in LA posted these words on twitter.

Having your whole boob out and breastfeeding in our store #NOTOKAYATALL (since been deleted)

Such is the danger of handing your brand over to a retail sales clerk.

Paul Frank Breastfeeding Tweet

I’m a forty year old woman who breastfed for two years of my life, I’d also appreciate some of you putting your tits away. Yep, that’s right. I’m tired of seeing middle aged women who are angry lactivists resting their breast on the table so their three or four year old can suckle in a restaurant. Yes, I have seen that recently. I’m not disgusted by their breast, but by their behavior.

On the extreme end of things there are women nursing older children (and by older I mean kids that should be potty trained already) and they do so while glowering at anyone who has the misfortune of making eye contact.

I’m tired of that.

Now, if a baby needed to be nursed in a Paul Frank Store I’m sure it would be uncomfortable. I mean, who is the oldest person working over there on Melrose? Maybe 25?

I’m hopeful that the mom chose a discreet part of the store, sat down and fed her baby in the most comfortable way possible, that the hipsters at the store were uncomfortable because they’ve never seen it before, and that they learned a lesson at the end of the day.

There’s another something I want to throw out there. A tough lesson for us moms to learn. Not everyone likes kids. Not every store wants your baby in it. I’m telling you, the more they move, the less appropriate it can be to bring them along. The reality is that there are shops (and their patrons) who are totally not into babies. Right or wrong, that’s just life.

As for this family? Jane has a really terrific Paul Frank Bicycle and she can’t get enough of their little monkey designs. This is just an event, a tiny event and an opportunity for both extremes to get a glimpse of how the world sees them.