Things I Want to Share With You

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Federated Media Business Practices

I see that many of you are enjoying the post wherein I “out” JackMayhoffer as being a Federated Media Employee. Although I do appreciate that an SVP from Federated Media took the time to apologize on my blog, I do feel a need to let y’all know that this does not appear to be aberrant … Read more

Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tavis Smiley and Goodwill

I can’t really storytell, as I’d like to, so I’ll give y’all a rundown of my day yesterday. It was quite a day.

I started, as usual getting up a bit before seven, breakfast and lunches for the kids, and then driving them to school at 8. By 8.30 I was back home making beds, cleaning up breakfast, and getting ready for my day.

I had a most extraordinary brunch (yes BRUNCH on a Wednesday… I know my life is perfect) with a woman who is ten years older than I am.  I am 39, she is 49. My daughter is 11, her daughter is 21. My son is 8, her son is 18. My husband is ridiculously handsome, hers is too. They are both very old. She and I, we will change our definitions of old, as needed.

I learned a few things from my new friend. The kids are going to start setting the table. Right now, they clear it after dinner and I enjoy the washing so I’m okay with that, for now, but I’m not setting the table any more. They’re old enough and it’s a quick chore. We’ve also had a few issues with Jane and her adolescence, basically Jane is changing, and my husband and I are standing in the middle of it all with our eyes closed, fingers in our ears and we are singing la la la la la la while trying not to cry. Clearly, we have a handle on the situation.

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