LBS, VC, Apps and Me (or you)

If you want to do a little Pavlovian experiment, be present at a VC (Venture Capital) networking event and mention LBS. The VC will probably get slobbery and their cheeks could get red. This little video might explain why search marketing gets hot and bothered when you add location. What does LBS really mean though to us, parents and end users? Location Based Social Networks typically live on your cell phone. Or your child’s cell phone. I have both a Nexus 1 (android based Google phone) and an iPhone, for …

Playing on the interwebs

Today I’m playing with all the news toys that had their debut at SXSW. Check me out at Whrrl Join me at Social Median A few others are on my radar, but as of now, these are the two I expect to still be using in three years. Also, please email me your Magpie screenshots. Tomorrow’s post will be all about Magpie and monetizing your twitter feed. [email protected]