Betty White, Previlean, Eylashes and The Beach

Tomorrow I’ll give you the Betty White backstory but today y’all can see what I did this morning by watching this video. I dragged William along with me and he took great video but I think the folks from P&G slipped him some cash because his focus was a little off when it was time … Read more

The Special Olympics, P&G and all of Us

Over the course of the last month I’ve spoken to everyone I know about the Special Olympics. I’ve found facts about it that I hadn’t before known, I’ve been moved by stories of success and sat at my desk cheering GO TEAM KNOX. Through my work with Procter and Gamble and their Thank You Mom … Read more

The Special Olympics is Tough Stuff

When the folks from P&G asked me to write a series of blog posts about their relationship with the Moms of Special Olympians I replied pretty quickly with┬áSure. I thought it would be easy to talk to y’all about how P&G supports The Special Olympics, most specifically┬áthe Moms. It’s the easiest ask in the world, … Read more