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I’m Going to Learn to Walk in High Heels so I Can Help the Models in Paris

Jane is photography obsessed. Much like her father and grandmother she is happy when she’s looking through a lens and capturing moments. She’s artistic and loves fashion and has explained to me that I need to buy her more high heeled shoes so that she knows how to help the models when she’s photographing them in New York. No! In Paris!

She speaks in exclamation points.

We got her a camera for her birthday.

This weekend we celebrated my Mom and her husband’s 145th birthdays. You see he turned 75 four days before she turned 70.

It was a family only party and since I can’t tell all their secrets I can say that the best line of the day went to the one who refused a glass of champagne. When I asked that person a second time they looked at me and said, “You give me shit when I get a DUI and you give me shit when I won’t drive drunk. I can’t win with you.”

The boys found a shopping cart and a big screen box and were playing in the alley most of the afternoon. I was downloading some of Jane’s photos today and found a precious moment between the cousins.

She framed the shot beautifully. I’m going to go ahead and imagine that my son was doing something else.