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My Mother Sends Me Pictures

My Mother cannot stop taking pictures. Some of them are better than others but all of them tell you something about who she is.

We all love her and she’s the only person who seems to get a decent family photo.


Today she’s in New York and sent the following message along with another photo:

Your great uncle, from NY died in 1945 in France, just before the war ended.

I know this story well because the day my Grandmother’s Brother died was the day that part of her died. Everyone who knew her (even those who met her after his passing) knew that to be true. Mine is not a family that embraces war.

Veterans Day

This morning I shared a photo of one of the medals I have from that Great Uncle of mine.

veterans day

But possibly the best photo of the week came to me and my brother with a note that said: So Much For Women’s Lib!!!

i love tits

And in a “reply all” my brother said, “I don’t see the issue? Who doesn’t like tits?”