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Email from a Marketing Consultant

Hi Jessica,

My Name is [redacted], and I work for [redacted] where I am involved in Marketing/ PR and would like to invite you to a day [of hell] .

Activities include [redacted], and hopefully of interest to you, a presentation of our [redacted]. Details are below.

We’d love to have you. Please let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in attending.





My (standard) Response:


Thanks so much for thinking of me. This isn’t a match.



Their response:


Hi Jessica


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly

Do you know of any other Mom Blogs in the area which might be interested?


All the best,


Ummm… okay a stranger emailed me and wants my contacts to send to an event that will be excruciatingly dull in the middle of summer when Moms are with their kids enjoying their lives. Sure! I’ll do that for ya.

I do know quite a few and I’d be happy to help you with blogger outreach if you have a budget for that.



Quick and curt:


Hi Jessica
Think we will have to pass- thank you anyways





And that’s when I took a closer look at the email address and realized that my redacted friend is a consultant. Holy crap, my new friend Redacted was hired for their contact list… I’ve really got to get into the consulting business.