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My Running is About to Become a Figure of Speech

Running hurts too much. I’ve got this weird space in my life where I love to run and being in motion makes me feel centered and sane. Unfortunately running is doing permanent damage to my joints.

I feel great when I run. Who doesn’t? It’s an incredible feeling when both feet are off the ground. Unfortunately by the end of a run I feel throbbing in my feet and then an hour later in my hips. The next morning my toes feel like they’re on fire. This is the arthritis telling me to slow the fuck down.

This weekend I ran on the sand and I had no pain whatsoever the next day. I’m not sure that I’m willing to make a commitment to being on the beach four days a week just to get my exercise. This puts me back at the gym, stuck on the elliptical.

Since AT&T has begun throttling my “unlimited” data plan I’m having to download my podcasts on wifi rather than streaming Sirius. I do not have words for how entertaining it is to listen to Howard Stern while simultaneously watching actors preen for one another at the gym. With Sirius not an option I need something else to make the gym not suck. 

I need podcast recommendations. I’m totally depressed about giving up the running so make it something wonderful.