How Do Bloggers Know When a Publicist is a Liar?

This morning I noticed an interesting piece at the Edelman Blog about Ryan Holiday’s Book Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. I’ve not read the book. I know that he pulled a stunt with one of the journo sites earlier this month so I was curious as to what the content might … Read more

Preparing Myself for Rape as Best I Know How

Kansas leaves me speechless and I can’t help but wonder who is living there. I know many wonderful Kansans and they don’t appear to be the sort of people who hate women. I’m assuming their neighbors are. In Topeka Kansas a bill has been approved that would require women to get separate insurance to cover … Read more

Christine O’Donnell, Gawker, NOW, Masturbation and Feminism?

Christine O’Donnell makes me giggle. I haven’t addressed her ridiculousness campaign yet on my blog, because I try to avoid low hanging fruit. Well, today the National Organization of Women has said that the Gawker Story about O’Donnell and her Halloween hookup is sexual slander. Had Ms. O’Donnell not made a video like this for … Read more

Ground Troops Invade Gaza and Jews in America Whisper

We whisper to each other, but not to you.

As I made my way back to Los Angeles from our Colorado Ski Vacation, the news of Israel retaliating with a Ground Invasion brought my vacation to an abrupt end. I find it startling that Bloomberg (the Mayor of New York City) is boarding a plane to the Middle East but Condoleeza Rice is silent. Israel has been bombed 90 times in the past few months, they’re hitting back. Hurts, doesn’t it?

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