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Porsche, Ferrari, Perceived Value and Nine Year Old Boys

Yesterday when Alexander and I were driving back from getting his contact lenses (lens really, he only wears one), he noticed a Porsche Cayenne.

“Mom why would Porsche make an SUV? It’s like it brings down the value of the whole brand.”

I just nodded and waited for him to continue.

“It’s like Porsche isn’t special anymore, you don’t see Ferrari making pick up trucks.”

“Well honey,” I said, “when I was about your age Ferrari did make some SUVs too. They were really boxy and looked a little like some of the Mercedes trucks.”

“That’s just dumb, they’ve got to stick to making what they’re good at. They should be special. When they start making all these cars they aren’t special anymore and no one wants to pay for the good stuff. I would only pay like $100 for a Porsche now because they aren’t special.” He thought a little while, and then added, “When did Mercedes start making station wagons and stop being special?”

One day I’ll tell him about Chrysler.

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