Sometimes it’s Easier When We’re With Our Own Kind: On Race Martin and Zimmerman

I didn’t expect to cry when I heard that George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin. I knew that I felt strongly about this case, I knew that it had tragedy written all over it and that Florida’s stand your ground law was terrifying but I didn’t expect to cry because I thought maybe … Read more

Sometimes My Inbox Leaves Me Speechless

I wasn’t sure how to deal with this particular bit of email so I thought I’d share it with y’all without commentary. Or maybe with commentary… I really haven’t decided yet… Anyhow this is from my inbox, unedited except to remove phone numbers. What can you possibly say to someone who sees the world this … Read more

Passing: Maybe not as “White” but Still Passing for Something

Today I had a three hour salon appointment and one of those hours was spent listening to my stylist complain about Those Old Jewish Ladies. Only five or so minutes was spent with her regaling me with the tale of how she pretended to be Jewish to get out of a speeding ticket. As she … Read more

Eye Black, Football and High School

I’m taking a lot of flack for thinking that a teenage boy shouldn’t paint his face black for a football game. Servite is a High School in Anaheim, CA. They have a very good football team and (I now find) a less than stellar reputation. High School Athletics in California are still left to teachers. … Read more