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Reebok Zig review Mindblowingly Awesome Customer Service

As a blogger I have a unique opportunity to tell you about brands that I interact with on regular basis. It’s easy for me to tell you when they’re not doing things right, but it’s much more difficult to show you a brand that’s exceeding my expectations. Mostly it’s difficult because I have ridiculously high expectations.

For Alexander’s tenth birthday all he wanted was a pair of Reebok Zigs. So I bought him a pair, my mom bought him a pair, and then he looked online and saw that you can personalize your zigs. I swear that little red head of his almost spun right off his shoulders. He was so excited to build his own pair of zigs that he went a little crazy and built these.

On the inside they say “I rock”. Alexander’s self esteem appears strong and healthy.

There were only two problems with Alexander’s shoes.

  1. They cost $135.12 after tax and shipping
  2. They take approximately 5 weeks to arrive.
    Again, since it was his tenth birthday and the boy really don’t love anything quite so much as a good baseball cap or a pair of shoes I went ahead and made the purchase. They arrived a little late (I had no clue when we went to order that it would take up to five weeks) but that was fine because he had his other new zigs.
    Alexander went on to wear those shoes to school every single day from August 15th until last week. Last week the sole began to separate from the shoe. Since Alexander is a little boy I’m very used to buying new shoes in quick succession, but I’m also used to paying $60 or less for a pair of shoes. When they begin to fall apart I don’t typically feel upset by it. When I pay $135 I’m looking for my son to outgrow his shoes.

So I called up Reebok and spoke a really nice lady on the phone. I explained to her that the shoes were beginning to separate from the sole and that they were about 6 weeks old. She gave me an email address and asked me to please snap a picture of the defects and send it along.

I thanked her and hung up the phone and promptly forgot all about it.

The following day I came home and there was a voicemail message to please remember to email a picture to Reebok. Are you kidding me? They’re calling me to remind me to ask for my money back? I upload the pictures and about two hours later I get a call from Reebok. They would like to send me another pair of the shoes.

I thank them profusely because they really are doing the right thing, but with a 5 week wait time we have two issues.

  1. Alexander will be at least another half size larger
  2. Red and Blue will no longer be interesting to him

I was put on a brief hold and the customer service representative gave me a coupon code to be used on the website for the $135.12. Alexander can pick new colors… whatever he needs.

    I’m a convert. Not only do I absolutely adore Reebok for going above and beyond in a clear attempt to delight us, but I love because they have all your order information right there and you can forget about paper receipts and putting on pants to go out of the house.