Can We Meet In Person Already?

I have a few wonderful events coming up, and I want to see all of you. Both of you… whatever. First off is the 140 Conference. April 20th will be my third 140 Conference, and I don’t even know that I can describe to you what I take away from it. Jeff Pulver has the unique ability to get the brightest and most progressive folks from the web and beyond into one room for an exchange of ideas. I’m off to New York for it, and I hope you’ll meet …

Tech Talk Tuesday: Doing Good

Remember the refugees? After I finish writing this post, I’m going to bed. Upstairs, in a bed which rests above the carpet and under the roof. I am a recipient of The American Dream. The refugee dream is simpler. A tent. A tent keeps a family safe, a tent is $200. Not very much, really, but a little more than what I can do on my own. The guys over at the UN introduced me to Clare, and she did this.