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Single Parenting

It’s devolved. I can’t even think about blogging. I haven’t gone to the gym today, and there’s very little hope that I will.

I’m in my bedroom wearing yesterday’s jeans and a sweatshirt. I’m not quite depressed, but I’m not exactly motivated. The weekend exhausted me.

Right now I should be washing down all the doors and doorframes. In my head I’d like to be organizing my home office, and maybe shredding a few old papers. I really want to write about how sick I am of products being wrapped in charities. It will have to wait.

The kids have new needs too. Jane wants to line up after school on Friday so that she can get New Moon at midnight. She’s already preordered it on itunes, so I’m not sure why we need to line up. I’m guessing we will. Alexander now taunts Jane by saying things like, “Jacob is so cool.” Jane dutifully responds and a fight ensues. Little League is three to four days a week with practices lasting two hours and games even longer.

The front seat back seat is becoming an issue. I love the car time before and after school. It’s the reason I refuse to carpool. Now that Jane is sitting in the front seat I’m no longer talking to two kids in the back seat, and all too often I realize I’m talking with Jane and Alexander will be sitting in the back reading a comic book. I try to be more aware.

All I want to do is eat cold pasta and watch Cinema Paradisio. First I have to call the Sheraton Universal, for the fifth time. Heaven help you if you need help from any Sheraton Hotel.