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Robin McGraw

An Amazing Day

Today I was lucky enough to film yet another Dr. Phil episode. I will be sure and update everyone about the air date, and when it does air I’ll give you a little more detail. I am absolutely exhausted, so I want to tell y’all a few quick things. Dr. Phil and his staff are consistently lovely. Robin Mc Graw is otherworldly, when I think of a Southern Belle I think of a woman like her. Strong and solid, no bullshit, and OhMyGawd is she put together.

I think the show went well, and I love that they follow up with guests who appear to need help. Menschen.

Unfortunately our sweet Anissa does not appear to be doing well. I worry about her, her children, her husband and her friends. The thought of Anissa not responding to touch terrifies me, and really, I don’t have the emotional fortitude to say any more about it.

So the day was wonderful. The day is awful.

My children are healthy, my husband is a wonderful man. I am am counting my blessings and feeling like one raw nerve. It is a strange day.