My husband often reminds me that the best conversationalists say little. Rather, they ask questions and are engaged listeners. I wonder if active listening was part of what happened in the polls yesterday.

I Hope Your Kid Isn’t Gay

If you think that a man like this can lead our country, can speak for every American and should be able to appoint Supreme Court Justices then I suggest you get on your knees and pray to whomever made you hateful that no one you love is anything but heterosexual (and probably not very sexual just for good measure). When politicians marginalize a group of people because of how they’re born it is a moral imperative that good people everywhere fight for equality. If you are a good person you will …

Why Can’t You Roll Down an Airplane Window?

Romney seemed a little unclear so I thought I’d ask my kids. When I walked into each of their rooms they had no clue what I’d be asking. After I turned the camera off they each told me it was a dumb question. It’s subtitled so if you’re at work turn the volume off and hit the little “cc” button on the bottom of the player.

Ask Wayne W. Williams the Clerk and Recorder of El Paso County how this Happens (and he will answer)

Wayne W. Williams is the Clerk and Recorder of El Paso County, Colorado. His employee was at a grocery store looking to register voters who would support Romney. You can contact Wayne W. Williams by phone at 719.520.6202 or via email at [email protected] I have an email into him and I’m very curious how he views this. EDIT: Here’s the email I got from Wayne W. Williams She is not our employee. Thanks for contacting us. Please see our posted comments to the video: Both parties can and do prescreen, …

I’m Cranky: Pink Ribbons and Religion are Getting on my Nerves

I woke up with a UTI yesterday. In case you are unaware UTI is an acronym for crotch on fire. At 10am I took a Tramadol, it’s the first time I’ve taken a narcotic in over a year. In case you were wondering the pain was so outrageous that I didn’t even get loaded. Sad really. After visiting the doctor and getting my antibiotics and a hug it was time to head off to visit Kelsie. I haven’t seen her since the mastectomy. I’m not good with drains and they were hanging …