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Social Media

I’m in New York and I’m surrounded by the best, brightest and most inclusive women I know. There are men here too, but once you get caught in the Cathy Brooks tornado, you are whirled through a room of girlpower that would make Jessica Valenti giddy.

The 140 Conference hasn’t begun, but the energy has shifted. Jeff Pulver once again brings together everyone you wanted to know.
I’m simply awestruck.

I had my first Dinner with David Devore, who is this little guy’s dad

Then a quick cocktail, hugs and whatnot with the conference folks, but I had to run out early because I really wanted to meet up with Melissa C Morris. She Always makes me giggle and feel like all is right in the world.

Back to the hotel to crash. Hard. I have an early wakeup call so that I can sit and absorb this conference tomorrow.

Also, I want to make it abundantly clear that my last post was about social media, and food was just sort window dressing. Food conversations are interesting (to me) but, I wonder if I was too concise.

Maybe I needed to be clearer so I’ll say it again, though I mention food, the post was about social media, who you should trust and why.