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Sabastian Hizey

What’s Worse? A 6 Year Old Boy Killed by a Monster Truck?

Or the promoters not stopping the show?


TACOMA, Wash. – A 6-year-old boy was killed and a man was hurt after they were hit by flying chunks of metal while watching a monster truck rally at the Tacoma Dome on Friday night, officials confirmed.
The Pierce County Medical Examiner identified the boy as Sabastian Hizey of Puyallup.

Medics treat one of the victims at the accident scene Friday night in the Tacoma Dome. (Photo by KOMO News viewer Ashlee Folt)
The gruesome accident happened just after 10 p.m. Friday during the Monster Jam, when an apparent mechanical malfunction in a truck’s driveline, under the cab, caused metal fragments to spew out toward the crowd amid a burst of sparks.

Witnesses said the red truck was driving in circles, and a spray of metal pieces came off of the truck and flew over a safety barrier. The pieces knocked the man off of his feet and hit the boy in the head, causing them to bleed and creating a rather gruesome scene.


The show promoters didn’t stop the show. Sound familiar?

What outrages you more? That a child died in a preventable accident, or that there was a display of greed so incredible by the shows promoters that they were unwilling to stop.

There are four more Monster Jam shows scheduled at the Tacoma Dome this weekend. The shows have not been canceled, but anyone with tickets who doesn’t want to attend can apply for a refund by calling Ticketmaster at 866-448-7849.