This Suburban Housewife Has To Break Party Lines: Goodbye Hatred

I can’t do it. I can’t vote for a Presidential team (because that’s what John McCain and Sarah Palin are) that doesn’t have the courage to say, “we’re not going to be hateful.” I can’t bring myself to be a part of the party that would not vote for a man because of his father’s … Read more

Pro Life, Pro Choice, Pro Adoption and Deeply Offended

I am a feminist. Recently that declaration has been called into question. I am a feminist from my earliest moments as my mother’s daughter right up to the moment I decided to become my daughter’s mother. It is appalling to me that there is such divisiveness between women. I am a feminist because I am … Read more

Political Blogging and Cloud Computing

This is my new little home on the interwebs and at less than two months old I’m averaging 1500 unique ISP’s a week. One of two things has happened:

Y’all think I’m fabulous and can’t wait to hear what I say next
Y’all think I’m an idjiot and don’t want to miss a good train wreck

Like any good blogger I’m okay with it either way.

Here’s what’s really interesting, and you’ll have to trust me on this because you can’t see my back end stats. According to statcounter I’m getting a lot of Alaska action. When you look at my comments and people have talked about baby showers for baby Trig I’ve seen the ISP’s. They match. Alaska loves me and I’m intrigued with what Alaskans have to say about Sarah Palin.

Some of you have sent me some very personal family photos that include newborn Baby Trig and various women holding him. I’ve not seen these photos anywhere else and I’m not publishing them here because it’s unfair to the kids, all the kids. However, it makes be believe you when you say you know the family, that and the fact that your ISP is logged when you comment.

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