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Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Made Me A Feminist

I’m not sure which wink it was, it could have been the first, it might have been the thirteenth, but watching Sarah Palin campaign for White House pained me as a woman. I love that we are sexual beings, sex is fun and dirty, and sometimes funny. Sex can also be a weapon, and I resent that about the GOP.

On day one I liked Palin, but then I realized that she worked a full three months a year. I watched her lose her composure, throw her children under the bus, behave like a lunatic, and then she winked at the camera.

I’ve never really wanted to work outside the home so the glass ceiling isn’t something I’ve cared much about. Keeping abortion safe is something I care about. Talking to kids about sex and evolution should be part of the public school curriculum, unless of course we are in the business of raising pregnant little idiots.

I never felt like I had to fight for my daughter’s future. Maybe living in Los Angeles has kept me safely ensconced in a bubble wherein I’m allowed to believe women are highly regarded.

Sarah Palin made me a feminist. I’m unwilling to raise a child in a country where a woman like her is held up to be the ideal.