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The word of the year is Selfie. We have a problem. Two weeks ago I’d have told you that Selfies at Funerals was the best Tumblr to hit the web like… ever. Now that Obama has taken a memorial service selfie it’s a little less funny.

Why do people take selfies? Who is taking them? Can we talk about camera angles and how we can fake a jawline by holding the camera a little higher (these heads of state are clearly amateur)?

The folks from Hashtracking want to talk about holiday hashtags tomorrow on G+. Please join me at 5.30 pacific time on G+  and starting at 6pm on Twitter with the hashtag #hashchat.

Here’s the full announcement. 

And my cohosts:

Jessica Northey @jessicanorthey
Pam Moore  @PamMktgNut
Aaron Kilb@kilby76
Steve Green @SteveGoGreen


Mostly though I want to talk about Hashtracking’s newest feature. Hashtracks. They’re embeddable images around your hashtag. How else would you demonstrate that 81% of #Selfies come from mobile phones and that #me, #good and #cute are related hashtags?

where do selfies come from

selfie word cloud