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sex crimes

I Hope He Gets Raped In Jail

I hope he gets raped in jail.

Those are words I’ve never heard when talking about a female predator.

Recently I read about a heinous crime. The reactions surrounding it universally alluded to sexual assault being part of the jail experience. Rob people, get raped in prison, that’s part and parcel of the punishment.

One of the many problems I have with this is the terrible set up it is for men who are being sexually assaulted. By taking a horrifying, painful and dehumanizing experience and turning it into the punchline of a joke or the accepted consequence of bad behavior we make it virtually impossible for men who have been victims of assault to speak out. We tell them that they deserve this. We arm the perpetrators with righteousness as they commit one of the worst crimes a person can imagine.

I don’t care all that much about how we treat our prisoners because I’m a great altruist. What I worry about is that we’re destroying our men and our boys. What happens when these men are released? Where do they go? How do they rejoin society? What have we stripped them of?