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Sexy Talk With Mr G

So yesterday we were at a wedding in San Diego. That meant three hours in the car each way. Which probably sucked for Mr G, but my brother and I were actually pretty comfortable.

After the wedding, the wine, and a few hours of Howard Stern my sweet husband smiled and said. “I was reading your blog the other day.”

This is where I wince, cringe and otherwise try to appear invisible.

“I read that post about the lady whose husband wanted the sexy texts. It was really funny. If I was her husband I’d be hysterical.”

“Really? You don’t think it was a little mean?” I was surprised.

“No, if you sent something like that I’d be laughing pretty hard.” and then I think he remembered my brother in the back seat, “I mean I don’t really see the point of sexting and all, but if I did I’d think that was funny.”

And for the record, this is a sextless home. That wasn’t just for my brother’s benefit.