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Shellie Ross

All Moms Are Fallible

I dropped my daughter when she was a baby, twice.
I knew my son needed medical attention, but I didn’t believe it. Twice.
My daughter has a dot tattooed on her neck, where I stabbed her with a pencil. Luckily just once, it was a crossword puzzle accident.
My kids have had enough time alone to cover themseles head to toe in lipstick, both black and red.

I’ve slept at the playground. I snore too.

I’ve had car accidents and other mishaps. I set a tree on fire once, that was not easy, but it, too was an accident.

Alexander had seven staples in his head, because we played too rough.

I’m a good mom. Kids get lumps and bumps, and we all make mistakes.

According to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Shellie and Steve Ross lost her son Bryson due to an accident. I’d really like everyone who has kids to take a moment, be honest, really honest and show Shellie a little empathy. There’s a family that needs and deserves your kindness today.