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I’m in the airport on my way back home, and I’m really happy that I got to be at Sitscation if only for a few hours. I had cocktails with Cassie and a hugs from more than a few of you.

I’m also happy to be going home. Although it looks like everyone will have tons of fun, I’m anxious to get bak to my kids and my husband. I’m happy there.

I was looking at the tweetstream and I realize that although I tried talking about women bloggers being the Prom Queen of the Internet, what got the most tweets is the line “Like Virginity you only get to lose your integrity once”. Wanted y’all to know (as I’d said at the time) that it was something I’d seen on twitter this morning. I’m pretty sure it was from Jessica Smith, and I’m hoping she’ll chime in here.

It’s a wonderful sentiment and absolutely worth repeating.

For all the ladies of Sitscation, thank you, you’re magnificent and I’m grateful for you.