Hashtag Spam

Hashtag Spam and twitter parties (they are synonyms). If you are not familiar with Twitter, you might not be familiar with hashtags, surely you are familiar with Spam. Twitter is a microblogging service. You can update your status using just 140 characters. It’s not quite a bulletin board, but it’s not a blog either. In … Read more

The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth: Tech Talk Tuesday

The net is where the big kids play. If you’re ready to dive in the deep end and have a play at the social media party; grow a set. Yes, ladies, that goes for you too.

Today I’ll just highlight four facets of Social Media and let you draw your own conclusions. I’m hopeful that you’ll leave some comments and spark a lively discussion.

Own It.

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Dropping Your Kids Off At the Mall

Ooh the interwebz are a scary place. You’ve got to get Spybot and Net Nanny as well as Anti Virus software and (if you’re lucky) you run Leopard on your Mac. You let your kids go to trusted websites for products they enjoy and WHAM.

You get this at Skittles.com.


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