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Jane has New York City in her Bones

We arrived in New York just in time for Snowpocalypse 2010. Mr G and I sort of shrugged and resigned ourself to a difficult existence. I was at the Dumont Plaza for the blizzard in 1996, and every morning we’d rise early, hand the front desk clerk an envelope full of cash and beg to keep our hotel room.

This time was different. We arrrived for the beginning of the storm, so our room was safe, and since it’s a Holiday week, people seem a little less anxious to get to work and whatnot.

Alexander is only nine, and he typicallly needs some time alone each day. I was thrilled, and a little surprised to see him take this all in stride.

Jane is different, and she terrifies me. Jane has a spring in her step that I’ve never seen in Los Angeles. She moves through the crowds like a ballerina. She stands tall, and never stops smiling.

We were on the 6 train today, jammed up against strangers, clinging to bars (though it was not really necessary because there was no where you could fall to), and I asked Jane, “Do you still love New York?”

She grinned ear to ear and said, “more than ever.”

I’m going to lose her to this city. I just know it.