A Mom’s Got To Do What a Mom’s Got To Do

This was my last soccer mom weekend ever. Jane will continue to play but she won’t play at the park again because she’s planning on playing three sports in high school and you just can’t dance at two weddings. There were moments that it felt bittersweet but it’s mostly exciting that Jane’s moving on. She’s … Read more

Y’all Told Me You Wanted to Know About Shopping

Jane had a soccer tournament in Santa Barbara this weekend. Well, it’s actually in Goleta on the UCSB campus, but that’s splitting hairs. I’m not crazy about traveling to soccer tournaments. This is what happened to us in last year’s tournament season. It wasn’t pretty and I wasn’t prepared to stay at a roadside motel … Read more

The Bubba Keg

At last night’s soccer practice Junior was in cute overload mode. He was freshly fluffed and bouncing around the sidelines looking for love wherever he could find it. One of the moms on the team was sitting in her chair and put her hand down to pet him. Junior bounced over to her and we … Read more