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Some Days Are Easy Some Days You Grow

I’ve been to a few events recently, and they haven’t been seamless.

There have been two men at events that have one thing in common. They hated me. I met them, we shook hands (oh eww germs) and then they proceeded to insult me. I had everything from eye rolling to “why do you live there, are you broke?” I’m not kidding. Within two minutes of meeting me this man insulted me, my husband and every part of my lifestyle. I still don’t know his name. I don’t want to.

Here’s the problem, and I’m going to own this, I responded by trying to get them to like me. I stood with a tiny little angry man last night, trying to get him to like me. After a few moments I realized what I was doing. I was getting nicer and sweeter, and trying to market myself to a man who I think is horrible. It was like trying to climb an endless pile of garbage.

Why would I do that? It was a party, and the only bad part of the party was this man. What I need to do, is turn on my heel and walk away. I need to have a plan, and remember that I don’t want miserable people to like me. They’re miserable.

Repeatedly I find myself trying to please people. It’s not typically a bad thing, but pleasing a malcontent is not only impossible, it’s not something one should aim for.

There are a few more holiday parties in the next few weeks, and I’m vowing to myself that I won’t be wasting time with bullies. Not this holiday season, not ever.