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Staples Center

Stanley Cup Playoffs and Alexander


kings hockey game stanley cup playoffs 3

Yesterday, like most days, was jam packed. I spent the bulk of the day dealing with video, (it’s a disaster over there) and general officey type stuff that makes me want to cry. I walked the dog, I took a longer faster walk and I had a little time alone with my husband. That time is both rare and delightful on a weekday.

There was this bikini event at 5 that I’d planned to attend with Jane because she really needs new swimsuits and I figured this would be a stress free way to deal with it but of course I’d forgotten that there was a spring sing. So I RSVPed to an event that I don’t really care about but I’d thought my daughter would like knowing that I had to be at Staples Center for the Kings game at 6.

I showed up at the bikini thing and met a lady in the elevator who lives in the neighborhood but, of course, I didn’t get her name. Then I ran into my neighbor and another friend. I suckled a Bellini, tried on a great swimsuit from Vix Swimwear and I left.

The valet had a tough time finding my keys but I was able to make it to Staples Center with 40 seconds to spare.

Can I just say that parking at Staples Center is $25. AEG owns the whole area and now they’re trying to bring football to LA but they want 8234324 tax breaks. I’m pretty sure they’ve got the cash to make it happen and LA could really use those tax dollars.

I fast walked to my seats (grabbing a sushi on the way… it’s LA after all) where my husband, Alexander and our friend were already watching. My son was a little down and it didn’t make sense to me. After a few minutes I figured out that he hadn’t finished his homework and was in a full fledged panic. I emailed his teacher and then lied to him. I told him that his teacher said to not worry about a thing and to enjoy the game. Thankfully when I woke up this morning the teacher had said just that.

We had amazing seats 15 rows up from the ice, unfortunately these people were just 10 rows up from the ice.

The blonde girl (who was convinced that she’s much more adorable than she really is) stood up every time the puck came down our way. This forced many rows of men to stand up to see and a half dozen of them to yell things like Bitch sit down. And as much as I like to scream misogyny with the best of them it really was a moment to yell at her.

This flipped Alexander out. He felt unsafe and uncomfortable but still enjoyed the game. 

We were home before 10 and by all accounts the Spring Sing was wonderful. Jane and her Grandpa enjoyed an evening together.