We All Love The Russian

This morning I was reading Stephanie’s Blog (it should probably be a daily read for you too) and she showed us an email from the Russian.   I did what many people probably did and googled “Poopushonok”

Rapportive: Firefox Plugin For Social Media

If you’re like me, you use Mozilla’s browser Firefox to surf the web. I use Firefox because there are so many fabulous add ons. Today I found a new great one. Rapportive. Basically Rapportive takes your gMail account and makes it social. Now, when I get an email from someone Rapportive checks with Gravatar, Rapleaf and Twitter to give you relevant infomation about whomever you are emailing with. Rapportive gives you a right column sidebar with information about your new friend. If I’m emailing with Stephanie, this is what I …