Why I Quit Private Facebook Groups

24 hours ago I was a member of approximately 20 private or secret Facebook groups. Some of the groups revolved around mom blogging, others were for Stumbleupon, others were regional and others weren’t particularly homogenous, we just happened to “know” each other. I logged onto Facebook on my birthday and had the standard notes from … Read more

Growing Your Blog Traffic

This morning I read a post about how to get more traffic. It’s a good post, and like any blog post it’s a good beginning. Because blogs are short… they’re so short that blog isn’t even the word, they were Web Logs but bloggers can’t even be bothered to have seven letters and a space … Read more

Tech Talk Tuesday: Mommy Blogging Toolbar

I’ve been a little lax in my Technical Tuesday posts. Here’s the thing, what seems uninteresting and rote to me, just might be interesting to you. Understand that I am the woman who wants nothing more than to get into the Wolfram Alpha because I’m fascinated by Rene Descartes and his ability to “discover” the … Read more

Tech Tips Tuesday: Stumbleupon 101 Signup

More than once you’re probably had an email from me saying, “I didn’t leave you a comment but I loved your post and stumbled it.”

Oftentimes a post or a site will grab my attention and I don’t have anything to add to the conversation, but still I’d like to share the discovery with a few (million) people.

I do this for a number of reasons:

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