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I was at PBS’ TCA (Television Critics Association) press event this morning and I couldn’t wait to run out the door. The critics that I met were angry and rude. Well, there was one lady who was very sweet and I sat with her at breakfast (which reminds me that the Langham needs to up their game) but then the ringleader of the angry trolls plopped down next to the sweet lady and I got up and left.

To be fair Sarah was wise enough to point out that we should move but I did spot the angry troll lady rifling through the sweet lady’s stuff.

Paula Kerger (the President of PBS) was addressing the audience and mentioned that she was ready to commit to social media when one of the critics got the microphone and asked her six times why she hadn’t tweeted since November 11th?

Asshole, maybe it’s because she’s busy trying to run a TV network?

Of note is the fact that this critic has used twitter just a handful of times himself. Is it terrible to hate strangers? Hate is actually too strong a word, they just irritate me and I want to run back to my house and sit here and write without having to deal with anyone. I don’t want to glad-hand or smile and listen to idiots. I’m just not a nice enough woman for all of that.

Mercifully I had lunch with a startup that appears to be run by geniuses with impeccable taste. I can’t talk about it yet, I can’t even whisper but I’ll let you know soon enough.

I’m off to dinner with the B-52’s. I sure hope the critics have showered some of the angry off.