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Server Stuff

My morning started with a slow logon, and then this:

CPU Throttling

Here’s the text of my tech support. I am not happy.

Jon: [10:19:02 AM] Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:19:02 AM] help, my site is very very slow
[10:19:22 AM] actually it appears to be down
Jon: [10:20:20 AM] okay I am showing that the account is being throttled quite a bit
[10:20:32 AM] go ahead and login to the cpanel and go to the logs section to CPU Throttling
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:22:01 AM] okay, I’m there
Jon: [10:22:14 AM] and this tool will give you the reason why the site is running slow
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:22:34 AM] okay, but I’m not looking for a reason, I’m looking for a solution.
Jon: [10:22:53 AM] you will need to optimize the site to handle the amount of load it is placing on the server
[10:23:17 AM] you will want to optimize the site, database, clean up unused information on the server to help with the load
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:23:38 AM] but I’m trying to grow my site bigger, not reduce it’s size.
Jon: [10:24:32 AM] okay with that amount of time with the CPU throttling I would recommend using a Virtual Private Server or a Dedicated server to handle the load
[10:24:47 AM] it is looking like you are about to outgrow our system
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:24:52 AM] shit
[10:25:03 AM] I mean shoot.
[10:25:29 AM] is there a dedicated server that I can use without me having to do any work?
Jon: [10:25:56 AM] not within our servers
[10:26:08 AM] to keep the site from being slow you will need to optimize the site on our servers
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:26:41 AM] right, but I’m adding content every day, so I’m thinking that optimizing is a very short term solution.
Jon: [10:27:41 AM] yes it is and the long term solution would be to migrate the site to a server that is able to handle your site
Jessica Gottlie..: [10:27:58 AM] Thanks Jon. Appreciate it, even though you made me want to cry.