Tech Talk Tuesday:

Last week I got an email from Bindu Reddy, inviting me to be a Premium Influencer on MyLikes. After poking around a bit, I decided that MyLikes is a community I’d like to participate in. Everything about it makes sense, as it appears to be the natural growth of Likaholix. Rather than a traditional review, … Read more

Peter Kinder Shows What Social Media Can Do

This morning there is a hostage situation in Jefferson City, Missouri. Peter Kinder is the Lt. Governor. He is usingTwitter to alert his constituents to the situation: And then more information as he had it and then an authoritative blessing for his constituents This is the real time value of twitter. It’s essentially acted as … Read more

Tech Talk Tuesday: Lists As Linkbait or Community?

Some bloggers like lists. Lists are simple and easy to read, particularly when you’re reading off a computer screen. There are a few other reasons that bloggers write lists: Lists are easy to write You don’t have to use good grammar on a list Lists are easily searched by bots Lists of people might get … Read more