Best Practices: .org and why Your For-Profit Organization Shouldn’t Use It

This morning I spent four hours on the telephone trying to find services for someone I love. Since we are in the preliminary stages of finding these services I emailed some friends, took their recommendations and then looked up the websites of the facilities and starting calling. You can tell a lot from a phone … Read more

The MomBlogosphere Wants its Photos

I’m a mom blogger. I’m a mom, and I’m a blogger and I talk about motherhood. I talk about Jane, I talk about Alexander, I talk about Mr. G., and our pets. However, I’ve not shared pictures of my kids with you, nor have I shared stories of my children that their classmates wouldn’t already … Read more

A Little Bit More About the Gym that Photographs It’s Patrons

If you read my post yesterday, you’d know that I was in a fitness class where I was videotaped without giving consent. I can’t really stop thinking about it, for a number of reasons. Yes, it’s creepy. The gym in a private place where every wall has signs proclaiming it a camera free place. This … Read more