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Respecting Everyone’s Time

Yesterday I wrote a post that was directed at CMO types, and social media managers, but a lot of bloggers added a lot to the discussion in the comments. In my post I tried to explain why no one should want to use a Brand Ambassador that is willing to work for free. I assert that they have slightly less value than an intern, and are capable of doing an awful lot of harm.

In the comments a lot of bloggers (almost all of whom I know and enjoy) talked about how offensive it is to be asked to work for free.


Just Yes.

I had a delightful morning. Since Jane is away at camp for the week, and Alexander is at a specialty camp that lasts from nine to five, I found myself with more free time than I’ve had in a dozen years. Siezing the moment I dropped Alexander off at camp, and went for a 45 minute hike. I gulped down some water and went to a spectacular Yoga Class. I wasn’t done pampering myself until noon. Amazing, right? At noon I headed off to the grocery store, and began my day.

After filling up my cart, I wound my way to the deli counter for some turkey, I grabbed a number. It was 55. After waiting for a clerk to help me I saw a very nicely turned out woman grab a number and wave down a clerk to get a deli tray that she had pre-ordered.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted their conversation, “I’ve been waiting a while, and I’m pretty sure I’m next.”

“Yes, well, I’m just picking up a pre-order it will only take a moment.” She smiled at me authoritatively.

“Yes, well, I’m just picking up some things, and I need to get on with MY day. I’m actually very busy too.” And I pointed to the place on my wrist where one might wear a watch.

The clerk asked each of us which number we were holding, took my order and apologized profusely.

The lady turned the other way, and absolutely refused to so much as glance my direction. She was embarrassed, as well she ought to have been. Her behavior was embarrassing.