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Timothy Honeycutt

Deanna and Timothy Honeycutt, Cameron Mathison, Cheer, Emily and Me

Last week I had a lunch that I didn’t tell y’all about. Deanna and Timothy Honeycutt, Cameron Mathison, Emily and I had an amazing two hour lunch in Hollywood. How does a lunch last for two hours?

See these guys? We all just hit it off.

Timothy Honeycutt, Deanna Honeycutt, Cameron Mathison

From left to right you have Timothy Honeycutt, Deanna Honeycutt and Cameron Mathison. If you think you recognize Cameron, you do. First let me tell you about the Honeycutts.

Deanna Honeycutt won a contest with Cheer. They have a webisode called Brighten Bay that Cameron stars in. It is so clever I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll let you discover it on your own. In any event Deanna won a trip to Hollywood to meet her favorite Soap Opera star Cameron Mathison. I have no clue why, but I somehow got invited to the lunch too. I’m so glad I did. The Honeycutts are the loveliest couple I’ve met in ages. Deanna is a devoted mother and wife, and Timothy is a businessman who comes from a rural background (after seeing Food Inc I find this even more fascinating). We talked about everything under the sun. I got to see picture of their kids (such a handsome family) and their pigs, goats and chickens. They even had pictures of a white peacock, which I have never seen before.

Deanna is a belle, in the most positive way. She owns a tiara. My kind of woman. I was giggling so hard I couldn’t eat when she was telling me about how she’d wear the tiara to the High School Football games. She even has a prom queen wave to go with it.

When people ask me what it is I do, I have a bit of a hard time explaining it. “I’m a mommy blogger” usually leads to more questions, so I’m finding that it’s not much of an answer. Cameron was different. He totally gets this space, he told me about his kids and the recent sleep segments they’ve been doing on Good Morning America. He was telling me that he and his wife decided that the age of co-sleeping was over, but that they didn’t want to abruptly kick the kids out. Apparently they moved the kids into their own bedrooms over a time period (not quite sure if it was days or weeks) and they went so far as to sleep on the floor of the kids’ rooms the first night they were in them.

Dude is a Mommy Blogger, he just doesn’t know it yet. We’ll get him soon I’m sure.

A few really incredible things happened at lunch. Deanna mentioned that she had seen the first ever episode of All My Children and has been a loyal viewer ever since. We were literally slack jawed. How incredible is it that someone could keep up with a storyline for 40 years? As lunch progressed and we were all jabbering on about our kids, we realized we were all but forgetting to eat. Emily (from Cheer) and I just kept whispering to each other (tacky I know…) that we could not get over how nice the Honeycutts were. Lunch with strangers can go bad abruptly, and believe me we talked about totally inappropriate things.  When I publish next week’s Momversation I’ll give you more details, but really, I was not a good girl.

I know it was Deanna’s dream come true to spend an afternoon with Cameron Mathison, and I’m so grateful to you Deanna, because spending time with you and Timothy was my dream come true. You made me smile, and you reminded me just how wonderful family is.