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Tom Hanks

Children and Show Business?

I live in a factory town. The product here is television, don’t get me started on how all the movie productions have left Los Angeles.

I grew up with kids who were working actors. As an adult I became friends with more than a few folks who had spent their childhoods auditioning and sometimes working. I watch the kids in the neighborhood go off to casting calls, and spend summers on set.

I’m not enchanted by Hollywood, and I haven’t made a secret of believing that children shouldn’t be on the big (or little) screen. This week when we taped Momversation I was asked to lead a discussion about kids and Hollywood with Jen and Trish. I knew all about Trish and her daughter’s less than wonderful experience with modeling, but I had NO IDEA that Jen had not one but two kids on a TV show.

This week on Momversation be sure to watch as a firmly wedge my foot in my mouth…. because really, that’s why y’all watch, right?

And then if have another six minutes to give to the web today, Tom Hanks nails it with Toddlers and Tiaras. Incidentally when Mr. G. caught me watching Toddlers and Tiaras his lecture included the phrase, “by watching this you are culpable.”

Enjoy. Guilt free. You are not culpable.