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tooth fairy

Worst Mother Ever: And The Tooth Fairy Too

Alexander lost a tooth Friday night. He was sleeping over at a friend’s house so he brought the tooth back home in a plastic bag and put it under his pillow Saturday night.

If his parents didn’t suck, Sunday would have been a great morning. I thought my husband had it covered, he assumed I did.

Worst Mother EverInstead, my boy was a little out of sorts Sunday morning, and as I was hugging him, I heard the crinkle of plastic in his pajama pocket.

“Oh Alexander, did The Tooth Fairy forget to come?” I asked him, horrified.

Alexander did this thing with his cheeks where he sucks them in a little and tries to keep from showing any real emotion. I wanted him to cry so we could fix it, but he tried to hard to keep from showing his disappointment that it about killed me. He nodded and crawled into my lap for a snuggle.

“I’m so sorry Alexander, Mommy forgot to text the Tooth Fairy. I’ll let her know now, and I’m sure she’ll get to you tonight.” I assured him.

At some point during the day yesterday the Tooth Fairy came and left a note that read:

Dear Alexander,

Your Mom just texted me and told me that you’d lost a tooth. I use them to build my castle and I could really use a shiny white one for my chimney so I came right away.

Thank you for sharing your tooth with me.

The Tooth Fairy

I took the tooth, and stuck that under his pillow.

My husband was upset with me. “Don’t you know he wanted to wake up to that?” He asked me.

“I was trying to salvage today, I wasn’t worried about tomorrow.” I replied. “You blew it too.” (I’m not above finger pointing when necessary).

“He wasn’t upset that the Tooth Fairy forgot. He was upset because he’s starting to not believe.” and then he looked for something on the ceiling, he does that a lot, but I’m not sure what it could have been.

Alexander is okay today, but how do I ask him if he believes?