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Trisomy 18


The last few days have been rainy here in Los Angeles. In addition to rain, there’s been wind. Enough wind to leave my house without power for 24 hours.

In some ways it was awful, but in others it was great. 24 hours without computers is really quite lovely. 24 hours of candlelight, monopoly, reading books, puzzles and time with my husband and kids is really fun. It’s fun because I have shelter, and security. I don’t have any great needs beyond the obvious.

Today I had a lunch and we raised some money for the UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency), as I’ve discussed before, they are close to my heart. My friends and I were able to raise $330 while enjoying each other’s company. It was lovely. PUR, 10 Again Clothing, Mogo and The Game Truck were all on hand to support us, and I want to both thank them and introduce you, my readers, to these terrific brands.

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At the same moment two charities who I wholehearted endorse are vying for a million dollars from Chase. You can give them a million dollars without paying a cent.

I’m not kidding.

With the click of a mouse, you can vote for Friendship Circle and for Trisomy 18 Foundation. Both of these links bring you to pages where you can quickly and easily vote. It takes just a second and it could change lives.

Friendship Circle is a non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with special needs through critical life skills training, promoting advocacy in the general population through our strong volunteer core and play-therapy based programs that pair teens and special friends together to form a life-changing bond of friendship.

And Trisomy 18? Well, it’s one in 3000 births. If you mention Trisomy 18 a few times people will whisper, “oh, I had a baby die of that” or “my sister lost a baby…” but everyone knows it’s incurable, because there’s no research being done. You can change that.

Today I’m asking you to take a moment, you get to vote for 5 charities, please stop and vote for Friendship Circle and for Trisomy 18 Foundation. It only takes a second, and I promise, you’ll feel terrific.